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About Us

Hearing Solutions was founded in 1998 to give residents of Greensboro a reliable, patient-focused office to help find solutions for their hearing loss. Over the years, patients have come to know us for our friendly, warm approach to hearing healthcare. We don't just sell hearing aids. We help people hear better.

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The Hearing Solutions Story

Hearing Solutions is a family-owned business. Now in its second generation, it was founded by Janice White more than two decades ago. Previously, Janice had worked at other hearing care practices that seemed to prioritize sales more than supporting patients. She decided to open her own practice to follow what she believed was best: putting her patients first.

From the beginning, Janice took the time to make sure that everyone who came to Hearing Solutions felt welcome and supported. It was very important to her to establish a nurturing and comfortable environment.

Janice always worked closely with the Deaf and profoundly hard-of-hearing community by helping to supply them with assistive devices and partnering with a School for the Deaf. Today the practice has grown to support more patients with mild and moderate hearing loss that can be treated with hearing aids.

In 2004, Janice's son Jacob Lawing joined his mother in the family business. Although a lot has changed in the hearing industry and we have different technology available today, Hearing Solutions has stayed true to our foundation. Hearing loss can be difficult to deal with, but getting help for it should be easy. And that's why we're here.

Our Team

We are a tight-knit team, collaborating together to make sure your treatment goes smoothly. We're like family - and when you come to Hearing Solutions, we welcome you into our family, too!

Jacob Lawing

State Board Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist

Jacob Lawing audiologist, Greensboro NC

Jacob started his career in the hearing industry in 2004 and worked in the family business until 2007. From October of 2007 to April of 2009, he left to advance his education and travel. Since his return in 2009, he has worked closely with the patients at Hearing Solutions to help improve their quality of life and he has devoted countless hours to serving the needs of the community.

"I get enjoyment from assisting people and helping them live easier lives. The progression of technology is something I pride myself on studying. To me, getting to know my patients on a personal level is equally as important. How better to help someone than to know them and their needs?" Jacob says.

Ken Macdonald

State Board Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist

Ken Macdonald, audiologist, Greensboro NC

Hearing challenges have been a life-long journey for Ken, who was raised in an era when the medical field told his parents that sensorineural loss (nerve damage) could not be corrected and that amplification through hearing aids would be futile. He did not recognize how severe his loss was until his next-door neighbor, a hearing specialist, brought home testing equipment and Ken could view the results first-hand. He was 35 years old.

The opportunity to join the professional team at Hearing Solutions is a result of Ken's experience as a long-time client and our mutual commitment to providing exemplary service, coupled with state-of-the-art, customized solutions. The personalized care that he received instilled his desire to contribute to the community of individuals who wish to improve their quality of life by optimizing their ability to hear.

Victoria Graves

Treasury, C.F.O.

Victoria Graves of Hearing Solutions

Victoria has had hearing aids since she was five years old. Her experience growing up taught her how important it is that everyone has expert and personalized hearing care. "I felt I had no say in what hearing aid to get, or help in finding a solution to the communication problems that I had. This is a hearing world; if you don't understand, you don't get to laugh with others or respond in the correct manner," Victoria says.

Victoria's husband was a customer of Hearing Solutions and he told her to just meet them. Once she came to Hearing Solutions, she couldn't get over the help she received. Victoria says,

"They not only helped me with my hearing aids, but also with hearing challenges, coping and feeling better about myself. When the opportunity opened up for me to work at Hearing Solutions, I joined the team! I've enjoyed my work here for the last 11 years. What could be better than helping others and getting paid too?"

Lynne Moorefield

Patient Care Coordinator

Lynne Moorfield of Hearing Solutions

Lynne is a native to Greensboro and has more than 30 years of experience with customer care and service. In an earlier career position, Lynne enjoyed working with and coming to know our founder, Janice White. Lynne always viewed her as an inspiration and role model and the two developed a solid friendship.

Many years later, their paths crossed yet again and Lynne was invited to join the Hearing Solutions team as an important role needed to be filled. Thus Lynne's newest adventure began and she loves the opportunities presented to her each day. She contributes on a daily basis to our philosophy of delivering extraordinary care in a relaxed and caring environment.

Katie Nelson

Insurance Manager

Katie Nelson of Hearing Solutions

“I'm Katie Nelson, the Insurance Manager, with an 18-year background in healthcare. Outside of work I am a devoted wife and mother who finds joy in the outdoors, including riding ATV trails and taking beach trips in the fall and winter months. Indulging in a good book and cherishing quality moments with my family is how I spend most of my evenings.”

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