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Hearing healthcare and hearing aid services.

Hearing Services

Hearing Solutions got our start meeting the needs of the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community in Guilford County. Now, most of what we do is fitting and dispensing hearing aids, audiogram testing, and medical referrals for hearing aid patients. We offer a complete range of services to keep you hearing your best.

Our Services

Free hearing test at Hearing Solutions
  • Free Hearing Tests: We never charge for hearing evaluations.
  • Hearing Aid Fitting and Sales: We carry reliable hearing aids from trustworthy, long-standing manufacturers. We personalize our recommendations based on your hearing needs, and we custom-fit your hearing aids to suit your hearing loss.
  • Repairs and Programming for All Hearing Aid Brands: Regardless of manufacturer, we have the hardware, equipment, and expertise to get your hearing aids working better.
  • Hearing Aid Maintenance: Hearing aids require regular maintenance to continue operating at their best. We're happy to clean your hearing aids and help you with day-to-day maintenance.
  • Real-Ear Testing: To ensure that your hearing aids are performing at their best, we can use Real-Ear testing to measure their effectiveness and make any adjustments.
  • Custom Hearing Protection: It's also important to prevent hearing loss by protecting your hearing. We can create hearing protection, industrial & shooter protection, in-ear monitors for musicians, swimmers' plugs, and more.
  • Walk-in Visits: Simple repairs and services are welcomed; comprehensive services require an appointment.
  • Supplies & Accessories: Hearing Solutions stocks a full array of supplies directly from all manufacturers including: high-quality batteries. wax filters, microphone covers, ear solvents and ear mold lubricants, hearing device dryers, receiver ear buds, and assistive listening devices/alarms.

What's Included With my Hearing Aid Purchase?

When we dispense a pair of hearing aids, that purchase includes our services for the entire warranty of the hearing aids. Most hearing aids come with a three-year warranty. We cover all services: repairs, follow-up visits, retesting, readjustment, cleaning, and maintenance. Anything they come to see us for, we'll take care of it at no charge. If you're having trouble with a hearing aid, we do not want an office visit fee to keep you from getting the problem solved. Our philosophy is to take care of people.

What if I Purchased Hearing Aids Elsewhere?

If you've gotten your hearing aids from somewhere else and aren't satisfied with them, give us the chance to make them work better for you. We will only charge a small office fee to reprogram your hearing aids or repair them so you're hearing at your best.

What is Real-Ear Measurement?

Very few hearing clinics, ENT offices, or audiologists do Real-Ear testing, but it's the only accurate way to fit a hearing aid. If we use the manufacturer's built-in software, it uses an algorithm based on the manufacturer's testing with a dummy head to determine how we should program your hearing aids. But no one's head is exactly the same as that dummy head.

Your hearing system is as unique as a fingerprint — your ear canal depth is different, the way sound travels through your ear is different, and the resonant frequencies are different. A Real-Ear system allows us to put a microphone down at the eardrum and determine what sound is actually reaching your eardrum through your actual hearing system.

For the past few years, we've been using Real-Ear testing on patients both with initial fittings and follow-up visits. It's been making an unbelievable difference with performance in noise, background noise reduction, patient comfort, speech understanding, and more.

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