Oticon Hearing Aids Greensboro NC

Oticon Hearing Aids Greensboro NC

Find your Oticon hearing aids in Greensboro NC from Hearing Solutions. Oticon integrates seamlessly with technology to offer convenience and ease of use. The company ranked third in the National Consumer Reports Association's survey on hearing aids based on quality, comfort, and ease of use.

What are the advantages of Oticon hearing aids?

Oticon bases hearing aids on extensive and fast filtering and noise reduction. Their devices offer a 360-degree soundscape by analyzing the environment up to 500 times per second. The three-phase processing system investigates, balances, and then cleans noise. Oticon hearing aids are capable of reducing the background noise between syllables and words.

Oticon promotes advantages that include 20 percent less listening effort, a 20 percent increase in the capacity to remember, and 30 percent better speech understanding. As an official supplier to the Department of Defense, the manufacturer offers adjustable volume along with support for Tinnitus and the SpeechRescue LX system.

This brand offers standard technology across 48 channels and 12 fitting bands. There are three technology levels. All Oticon hearing aids manage wind noise, soft speech while premium models deal with spatial noise and high-frequency sounds.

As a major company, Oticon's offerings are constantly improving.


How expensive are Oticon hearing aids?

Oticon hearing aid costs can vary. The price includes the Oticon manufacturer warranty, local fitting, 45-day risk-free satisfaction guarantee, remote services and adjustments, and service packages and is typical for most hearing aids. Our specialists can help you determine the best solution for you in Greensboro NC.

This brand's pricing model is mainly influenced by technology levels. Progressive hearing loss and an active lifestyle are only a few factors that affect the price you will pay. Accessories are available for your device as well including a $225 remote control and $250 Connectline adapter.


Does Oticon offer a rechargeable hearing aid?

Oticon offers a rechargeable hearing solution in collaboration with ZPower. The Opn miniRite lasts for up to 18 hours including four hours of direct streaming. The manufacturer provides a recharging kit.

Rechargeable devices are cost neutral and have batteries that last up to one year. They eliminate waste and saves you from dealing with the hassle of small batteries and packages. Users can avoid purchasing as many as 200 batteries each year.


Are Oticon hearing aids invisible?

Oticon offers a small and nearly invisible device. Their Opn in-the-ear option is clear and discreet without compromising quality. These devices are perfect for mild to even moderately severe hearing loss.


How do Oticon hearing aids integrate with my devices?

Oticon hearing aids are the first in the world to access the internet. The manufacturer offers devices that allow you to connect to your daily life. Alerts and notifications can be set up through the If This Then That network application. The ConnectClip application offers more basic access to your hearing aids.

Hearing Solutions provides Oticon hearing aids in Greensboro NC. Our highly trained staff tune your device to provide an optimal experience. Contact us today for a consultation.

Oticon Hearing Aids Greensboro NC
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