Hearing Aids High Point NC

Hearing Aids High Point NC

Hearing Solutions provides quality hearing aids in High Point NC.  Allowing hearing to deteriorate leads to memory loss and can impact your quality of life. When you are suffering from hearing loss, an audiologist will provide a comprehensive solution to help you live life to your fullest.


How does hearing loss affect a person?

Hearing loss is a significant problem. It affects the quality of life, memory, and neurological functions. Increased stress, muscle tension, and high blood pressure are all linked to hearing loss.

This impairment is not limited to the elderly. Fifteen percent of Americans, approximately 37.5 million people, suffer from hearing loss. Of these, 14 percent are between the ages of 20 and 69 with men being twice as likely to experience a detectable impairment.

In children, hearing loss can have a significant impact on development. A child might not be able to hear their voice and the environment around them. This results in developmental delays related to expressive communications skills and may lead to learning problems.


When should I visit an audiology clinic?

Audiology clinics such as Hearing Solutions employ audiologists. These professionals provide services that discover your needs with pinpoint accuracy. Adults should visit a clinic at least once with the elderly scheduling annual exams.

Contact a clinic whenever experiencing noticeable hearing loss. This impairment has cognitive and psychological effects. Allowing hearing loss to worsen deepens these problems.


How do hearing aids help with hearing loss?

Once the auditory nerve and cilia are affected, hearing loss in incurable. A hearing aid relieves strain on the ear which helps reduce deterioration.


How do I find the best hearing aid?

There are many different types of hearing aids available from brands such as Oticon and Signia, formerly Siemens. Each has a unique focus. Oticon offers highly technological products while Signia offers an undetectable device capable of molding to your ear canal.

Modern technologies have improved options significantly. Certain products are capable of beating the human ear in challenging situations. Rechargeable devices offer increased longevity with up to four days of charge.

An audiologist helps you to fit the various options to your lifestyle and need. Hearing Solutions is an audiology clinic backed by cutting edge technology that provides a hearing aid tailored to your level of hearing and ear structure. Our professionals use modern.


Can hearing aids help with my Tinnitus?

Hearing aid manufacturers take ear conditions seriously. Many offer options to help you deal with Tinnitus including Oticon and Signia. Signia offers a device tuned to train nerves to control your Tinnitus symptoms. An audiologist tunes these hearing aids to match your specific condition.


Where can I find hearing aids in High Point NC?

There are multiple options available to High Point NC residents. Hearing solutions located a short drive away is a boutique audiology clinic with highly experienced staff capable of providing an ideal solution for each customer. As a small practice, we care about our customers and the quality of our product

Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Find quality hearing aids in High Point NC.

Hearing Aids High Point NC
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