Hearing Aids Burlington NC

Hearing Aids Burlington NC

Hearing Solutions provides hearing aids in Burlington NC. Hearing loss leads to cognitive and psychological issues. A qualified audiologist helps to detect an impairment early, allowing you to get back to living your life.


How does hearing loss affect your brain?

Hearing loss leads to cognitive impairment, directly impacting your memory.  Heightened stress, high blood pressure, and frustration are directly linked to hearing loss. All of these issues have a psychological impact.

Tinnitus, a condition linked to hearing loss, is equally impairing. This condition can lead to clinical depression. The hearing loss connected to Tinnitus often creates job sand life-related anxiety.


How can hearing aids help reduce the impact of hearing loss?

Hearing loss is incurable once the nerve and cilia in the inner ear are damaged. However, a hearing aid reduces strain on the ear to further minimize hearing loss.

Hearing aids offer a growing set of features that help reduce the symptoms of impairment. Signia and Oticon manufacture devices capable of targetting Tinnitus symptoms and can even train the auditory nerve in your ear to help reduce the symptoms of this condition.


Who suffers from hearing loss?

37 million Americans suffer from detectable hearing loss. Sufferers come from every age group. While the elderly make up a larger cohort of affected Americans, 15 percent of people suffering hearing loss are under the age of 60.

Hearing loss can be congenital or environmental. In a highly industrialized society there are many factors that cause hearing loss. Factory work, vehicles, and air travel are only a few related factors.


What hearing aids are available?

There are many hearing aid manufacturers in the United States. The six most popular are known as the Big Six. Signia and Oticon are two of the more well known brands, ranking second and third in the National Consumer Reports hearing aid survey. Hearing solutions offers both of these brands.

Brands offer unique sets of features beyond standard improvements to your quality of hearing. They provide applications to control your devices and even the ability to notify you when the doorbell rings. Own Voice Processing from Signia allows you to craft your daily connections.


How does an audiologist help you find the ideal hearing aid?

Audiology clinics employ audiologists. These clinics offer comprehensive examinations and services that tune a solution directly to your needs. An examination places your level of loss on a scale to customize your solution. With modern devices, your local audiologist can tune your hearing aid remotely as well.

Manufacturers provide a wide range of additional features from nearly invisible aids to technical solutions. Audiologists are up to date on the latest solutions and will help you navigate the ocean of possibilities. Hearing Solutions provides experienced professionals with a breadth of knowledge on the wide variety of available solutions.

Hearing Solutions serves the entire Greensboro region, providing quality hearing aids in Burlington NC. Contact our professionals today to receive a solution tailored to your needs.

Hearing Aids Burlington NC
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