Audiology Clinic Greensboro NC

Audiology Clinic Greensboro NC

Hearing Solutions is an experienced audiology clinic in Greensboro NC. Our private clinic setting with five dedicated staff members finds, tunes, and fits the perfect hearing solution for you.  


Where can I find an audiology clinic in Greensboro NC? 

Hearing Solutions is an experienced audiology clinic in Greensboro NC. Our amplification professionals grew up in the industry. Each shares a connection with the customers and business.


What does an audiology clinic do? 

A clinic provides special care catered directly to our customers. Hearing solutions are unique per individual. Modern hearing aids embrace this fact by giving audiologists and patients a way to tune your hearing device. 

Audiology clinics such as Hearing Solutions have the equipment and capacity to handle every case. An examination can determine your precise amount of hearing loss to reduce strain on your ears over time and improve the comfort that a solution provides. 

As hearing aids continue to modernize, your local audiologist can also help treat issues such as Tinnitus as well. With the help of a professional, several brands of hearing aid can block the frequencies which cause Tinnitus symptoms to flare. 

Our convenient and fully staffed Greensboro location has the testing equipment required to measure your hearing precisely. We can discover your hearing range and recommend an optimal hearing device. 


When should I visit an audiology clinic? 

Hearing loss has no age limit. Nearly 14 percent of people ages 45 to 64 suffer from One out of three people over 65 experience hearing loss. Combined with 15 percent of individuals ages nine to sixteen and countless others, 48 million Americans suffer from a degree of hearing impairment. 

Non-temporary hearing loss can result from using medications, trauma, noise, and genetics. Audiologists can help you discern whether your hearing impairment is temporary or permanent. Temporary hearing loss tends to last for at most 48 hours but may also cause permanent damage. 

Allowing a hearing problem to fester will only cause more stress on your ear canal and further reduce your hearing. Taking your child or coming to the audiologist only when there is a significant loss of hearing, swelling, fluid, or pus is not ideal. 


Should I get my hearing tested? 

Preventative medicine reduces growing costs in the long run. Professionals recommend that adults get their hearing tested at least once after turning 21. If you are over the age of 60, the National Campaign for Better Hearing recommends getting tested annually. Baseline tests provide a solid basis from which to analyze any issue occurring later in life. 


Why use an audiologist? 

There are multiple forms of hearing loss that an audiologist can detect. These include conductive, sensorineural, and mixed loss. Each type requires a specific solution. 

A professional can determine and tune the best solution for you. A conductive hearing loss requires an entirely different device than a sensorineural loss. 

Hearing Solutions understands the value of customer service and abides by the principals of the Hippocratic Oath. Schedule an appointment with Hearing Solutions today to start experiencing the world as it is meant to be. 

Audiology Clinic Greensboro NC
Hearing Solutions
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